AO Management is an Artist management and support group specializing in Reggae and Rasta artists, arts and culture, sponsored by the Order Of Olufunmi since 1981.

At that time we were a part of Olufunmi Presents tasked with working directly with the artist. Assisting and handling show and tour management and sometimes general management duties for many now famous artists and their managements, if they had them, when they were starting their U.S. careers. We worked with all genre of music at that time but always focused on reggae music. We worked with other promoters begining to work with reggae artists to assist artists, like Toots and The Maytals, and BIg Youth. We worked with Bob Marley and the Wailers, when they worked with Bill Grahm Presents, and with Peter Tosh on his West Coast tour. The Mighty Diamonds,the Soul Syndicate were also among the first we assisted in this manner.

Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus was the first of these artists that we were totally responsible for. We introduced him to the U.S. and helped to establish the reggae music business in the Western U.S. and secure him a special place in the history and evolution of the Reggae in the Western U. S. He was followed by the Twinkle Brothers, Meditations, Gladiators,Sister Nancy, Sister Carol, Gregory Issacs, Hugh Mundel, Michigan and Smiley, Errol Schorcher, Pablo Moses, Dahweh Congo, the ethiopians, Leonard Dillon, George Llewellin of the Heptones, Eric Donaldson, Rankin' Joe, Sugar Minott, the Congos, Sandra Cross, Winston Jarret, Norma Fraser, Little John, and more. Then there were the famous California groups we worked directly with, like the Sons Of Creation, Rastafarians, Vince Black and Crucial, Sister I'live, and others.


Over the years we've worked with other music genres having an especially close relationship with, new wave, punk, and other alternative musics. Groups such as Bad Brains, the Slits, Canned Heat, the Clash, It's A Beautiful Day, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, DOA, Units, Mutants, Obu Addy,Rudy and the Cruisers, were among those.

In 1999 we became AO Management. "AO" stands for Alpha Omega, meaning we are the whole package. We work with artists, artist's management, producers,publicists, and recording labels to increase the public awareness of the artists, and the artists preseance and image in the market. We create a supportive environment for the artists we represent so that they can expand their creativity with the knowledge that we have their backs in all things. Working closely with artists and their managements to enhance their roles and resources. We can assists and help arrange all aspects of business and career development.

We actively seek out opportunities for the artists we represent. Helping to create and maintain public awareness by looking to all medium available to present the artists. Keeping the artists name in the public. Identifying and connecting the artist with their audience and market place.

Coordinating booking with promotional strategies is key. We handle and monitor all phases of booking including touring, working closely with booking agencies as well as doing some strategic booking of our own.

We connect services to our artists, such as video, website hosting and development, gladsgraphic services, travel arrangements, PR and project supervision. We also offer services to the promoter, such as artist procurement, travel arrangements, and event management through Olufunmi Presents.


After several years hiatus we have re-opened the agency to help a new generation of artists make the proper steps to boost their careers and help maintain the Rasta focus of the music and their lives. As well as we have reunited with several of our old friends to bring some new music and vibes.

That's why we are happy to announce that we are part of the management of Peter Tosh' youngest son, known as Tosh 1, and working closely with the Tosh Estate. In addition we have reunited with the legendary producer, Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes and his Wackie's Rhythm Force, and the legendary Gladiators band, to tour the U.S. in 2016 begining on the West Coast. More particulars about the tours will be posted on our Facebook site and here in our News section.


Our motto is,"We are the roots sinking deeper and taking stronger hold"



1.Eric Donaldson and The Rev in England 2005

2. Dahweh Congo, The Rev, Wadi-Gad, Issac Haille Selassie 2001

3. Gladiators 2001 w Scientist